19th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Portfolio – #HZM

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Penny Stock Portfolio This is the first post in a new series. Each post will focus on a penny stock that has real long-term potential. The aim here is not to find quick trades. There will be no quick in and outs. I will be identifying penny stocks that are worth holding on to long-term, 18 months and longer. As I highlight these companies, I will add them to a portfolio published on the blog, so there is complete transparency … Read More

17th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #XTR #JOG #MTR

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Today we’ll be looking at Metal Tiger and Jersey Oil and Gas. Xtract Resources But first, spare a thought for Xtract holders yesterday. The company undercut investors with a horrible placing. The company issues 10,156,398,001 new Ordinary Shares – that’s right, 10 billion! I literally spat my tea out when I read that, major dilution. These share were issued at a strike price 0.0185p – a discount of 63%! Ridiculous stuff. The shares were seemingly rallying – until the news … Read More

16th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #TLOU #88E #EGS

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A few updates this morning to cover – one from EGS and a couple from 88 Energy. I see Metal Tiger is picking up this morning where it left off yesterday, another 20% gain so far today. This doesn’t surprise me. We are still waiting to hear from MOD Resources about the “significant” update – but as per the RNS yesterday, they will be trading back on the market tomorrow unless they extend the halt. Penny Stock Portfolio This is … Read More

15th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #TLOU #MTR #BOOM #CYAN #EVRH


Not a huge amount on the news front this morning, so I thought to pad out the post, I will run through some stocks that are on my radar at the moment. I have also covered updates from Tlou Energy and Metal Tiger below. Cyan A company I have mentioned in my write ups. This company I think is really turning a corner, it’s very much a turnaround story. The company has a renewed focus on smart metering. It got … Read More

14th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #AERO #KRS #VLTY

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Strat Aero Market Cap: £1.03m Price: 0.11p Spread: 15% Strat Aero, the international aerospace company that focuses primarily on drone technology, has announced another placing totalling £850,000. The placing takes place at a price of 0.1p – undercutting investors by roughly 20%. The raised money will be invested in growth initiatives within Strat Aero’s two core divisions – Survey & Inspection Services and Commercial UAS Training & Education. The company also state that the money will also “strengthening the Company’s … Read More

13th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #ARS #AST #MYSQ

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A slightly later post today, which comes with a more vigilant proofread. Asiamet Resources A special mention for Asiamet, who had some news last week, but the share price has seriously moved north. The price has moved from 3.2p to 5.5p since the beginning of February. The stock has been undervalued for a long while, but now it seems the market it is waking up. I reviewed the company’s recent RNS. Those on social media pointed out that I failed … Read More

9th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #ARS #IDP #CYAN #HZM

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There was nothing interesting to write about yesterday, so I skipped a day of writing. However, today there is plenty to get my teeth into, so I won’t delay. Firstly, Horizonte Minerals, a company that I hold stock in, have announced today that Shard Capital have issued a research note on them. Asiamet Resources Market Cap: £27.69m Price: 3.9p Spread: 5% Asiamet has really been smashing it recently. The share price spent a long time down around 2p levels, but … Read More

7th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #ALBA #EDR #UPL #HRN

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A really good day yesterday for me on the markets – ARS, PAF, MTFB, TLOU, PEG and PROX all in the blue! It seemed a strong day for small caps generally. Let’s hope it continues. If you missed the post yesterday, we donated some cash to charity – you can read about it here! This week is a big week for the British resources. We had news from Angus Energy about Holmwood. Angus Energy currency have an interest in Brockham … Read More

6th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #PROX #CYAN #ANGS #Charity


Another week on the markets. I am looking forward to this week – I think we will see some good movers. January Donation: Restore First of all, I have some positive news regarding charity donations. Over the month of January, we made a profit, which is a fantastic result. The charitable element of the blog has drifted a bit recently. Apologies. I was away for some time after the summer, then made some erroneous trades when I was back and … Read More

2nd Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #MKA

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It’s another Snoozebox of a day on the news front. It has been an extremely quiet week for news.I have a charity update, I’ll work on this over the weekend, so will be able to send an update on Monday. My preambles are a bit lacklustre at the moment, apologies. CloudTag Market Cap: £20.44m Price: 4.75p Spread: 5% The most discussed stock on AIM, CloudTag, released announced that on 1 February 2017 it received a notice of conversion in respect … Read More