6th Mar: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #THR #VOG #VAST

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A slightly different post this morning, I have some meetings this morning, so I have run through a brief summary of updates below. Also, I was up late finishing off the Penny Stock Portfolio post last night. You can read that here. The markets are pretty blue this morning with plenty of my stocks making decent gains. Thor is going great guns this morning after it announced trading has been halted on the TSX. A bizarre quirk of AIM that, … Read More

5th Mar: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Portfolio – #D4T4

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Penny Stock Portfolio We’re back with another addition to the Penny Stock Portfolio! A series in which I identify penny stocks that I think have real long-term potential. This is now week 3. In week 1, we added Horizonte Minerals, which has had a mixed couple of weeks performing very well in its initial week and then falling back in the second week. In week 2, we added CyanConnode – the smart metering company. Cyan’s share price has been muted. … Read More

3rd Mar: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #88E #BOOM #KOD #ANGS

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Apologies for no update yesterday, there just wasn’t enough news to justify a post. 88 Energy suspended trading on the ASX as the AIM resource stock announced its intention to raise gross proceeds of up to A$17 million (£10.6 million) at an issue price at or around A$0.037. A bizarre quirk of AIM that, while shares are suspended on another exchange, they can still be traded in AIM. Terms are still to be arranged and no guarantee is given that … Read More

1st Mar: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #URU #CTAG #PROX #THR

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It’s Wednesday! The CloudTag saga continues, yesterday the troubled AIM stock released an RNS stating: A bizarre RNS. The placing has been cancelled, no detail as to what the miscommunication was. The stock remains suspended from the AIM market. CloudTag now have a month to find a new Nomad and cash before facing the fate of African Potash. However, in listening to Tom Winnifrith yesterday, he made a valid point. If this is a fraud, why would the company re-list? … Read More

28th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #SEE #RLH #SAV #TLOU

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A surprisingly quiet Monday yesterday. Here is hoping for a bit more movement on the markets today. I am seeing a lot of abuse flying about at the moment on the bulletin boards and social media in the wake of the CTAG fiasco. I feel for CTAG investors, but fundamentally you have to take responsibility for your own investments. No one forces you to press the buy button, you do that yourself. AIM companies carry a lot of risk. That’s … Read More

27th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #IDP #STAR

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Exciting news! Trader Tim’s blog will be appearing on Vox Markets. Subscribers will still receive updates via email and content will be available on this site. Vox Markets is a great tool, which allows users to receive RNS updates to their phone, create watchlists and read the latest news and comments about the stocks that you follow. It’s free to register. I have added a new comments feature to the blog, which is something readers have requested in the past. … Read More

26th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Portfolio – #CYAN

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Penny Stock Portfolio Today, we have our second addition to the Penny Stock Portfolio. Last week, we added Horizonte Minerals. I am pleased to report that this is now up 6.6% since last week. It started the week very strong, but lost a bit of steam and fell back toward the end of the week. I am confident it will stay above 3p and with some news, it should test higher levels of resistance. I have created a new page … Read More

22nd Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #BOOM #KMK #AVO

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It seems to today will be another quiet day on the market. Yesterday was also quiet. I am going to be writing the post for my second addition to the Penny Stock Portfolio today. I added Horizonte Minerals last week, which is currently up about 10% already. Audioboom Market Cap: £18.22m Price: 2.625p Spread: 2.5% I picked up some Audioboom this morning. It’s a stock that I have been skeptical on in the past. I am still unsure about its … Read More

21st Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #VAST #ARS #NRRP

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Apologies – a shorter post this morning as I am doing some development on the blog to try and make it load faster. It’s not a major news day anyway, so I don’t have masses to cover. Before we dive in, a quick note to say that the trading diary is now fully up to date. I have taken positions in Jersey Oil and Gas, Victoria Oil and Gas and Cyan recently. I have also bought some stock in Petards, … Read More

20th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #NTOG #TLOU #SAR #PAF

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Another week on the markets… For those that missed it, I sent out my first post in the Penny Stock Portfolio series yesterday. Horizonte Minerals was the first company to be added into the portfolio, which looks for penny stocks with real long-term potential. Those that did receive it, I will work on the email formatting for next weeks edition. Also, I had some time to work on the site over the weekend. Hence, the snazzy new menu to the … Read More