Stop The Loss – Ted Baker

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My first losing trade was posted today! A shame, but it does happen. This one was slightly more frustrating than most for reasons I’ll explain below. But first, with all trades I make I put in a stop-loss. A stop-loss is price that you tell your broker to exit your trade. For example, if I invest in a company at 10p per share and enter a stop-loss of 7p per share, I am basically saying if the share price falls … Read More

The Trader’s Evolution

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My journey as an investor or trader has gone through an evolution over the years. When I started, I was investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are basically a basket of shares, which are managed by professional fund manager. I left my money in these funds, untouched for the best part of 18 months. My portfolio overall was up about 8% I think, it didn’t waver too much. It was clear that I was genuinely interested in the stock market, … Read More

Welcome to Trader Tim’s Blog!

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Welcome to my blog! I am Trader Tim. I am a retail investor and trader and I have recently decided to start a blog to document all my trades. The hope is that this will be profitable and a successful endeavor, but there are no guarantees! The aim of the blog is to give some insight on how I make my trades, what things I look at and how successful they are. This isn’t because I have some secret formula, … Read More