9th Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #HZM #REM #OPTI #CSG #MTFB #OTC

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Good morning! A sparse day yesterday, but some significant news from CloudTag. I actually picked up some more shares yesterday, rather impulsively and slightly pricier than I could have got them. The company released an RNS detailing their US distribution deal. For those not familiar with Cloudtag, it’s a stock that has a strong following on Twitter and the various bulletin boards. I am pretty bullish about it, so much so that I included it in my 7 Circles Penny … Read More

8th Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #GWIK #BNR #ORE

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Morning all! I hope everyone had a great weekend – mine was firmly fixed in front of the TV watching the first few days of the Olympics, and it was great to see GB pick up their first gold in the early hours of this morning. Anyway, on to some stocks. A really sparse number of updates today, so this will be a shorter edition of the Penny Stock Post. Cloudtag Market Cap: £22.1m Price: 5.65p Spread: 1.5% I hold … Read More

5th Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #BOOM #WDC #BNR #CALL #AFC

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Good morning all! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, one more trading day to get through before that though! Not a huge amount on the RNS front today, however, Audioboom are doing their best to fill up the airwaves. Let’s take a look! Audioboom Market Cap: £12.7m Price: 2.625p Spread: 11.1% A raft of announcements from Audioboom this morning. The company is a leading audio on-demand platform, which allows users to listen to radio, podcasts and other … Read More

4th Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #HZM #ARS #MTR #JPR #SAV #HNL

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Morning all! One set of results to run through today and a hand full of RNS announcements. A bit slapdash as most has been written in the bus this morning. Horizonte Minerals Market Cap: £12.9m Price: 1.925p Spread: 8.11% A company I didn’t cover that released some news yesterday. The Brazilian-based company completed the transfer of the remaining two licences that make up the Glencore Araguaia nickel project. The share price was unchanged. The company are commissioning a new pre-feasibility … Read More

3rd Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #KOOV #FBT #NCT #SIS #VENN

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Good morning all! There are no official results from any penny stocks on my list today, so today I’ll run through some of the key RNS items to come out this morning. Before that, I wanted to discuss Koovs. I’ve seen and read a lot of things about the company being massively overvalued, which personally I think it is. Naturally, investors are drawing comparisons between Koovs and ASOS due to the management and business. However, underwhelmed by Friday’s statement, I … Read More

2nd Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #AST #CTAG #MYSQ #FTC #CRX #AFPO #APC

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Good morning! Apologies to subscribers – there were a few RSS issues with yesterday’s post. I have tried to resolve these today, so hopefully emails sent out today will be a bit more user friendly. Big news yesterday for Ascent Resources! Announcement of their gas sales agreement sent the share price rocketing up over 70%. The company’s primary asset is based in Slovenia, which they’ve been trying to bring through to production, had hit a few hurdles. Previously, the company … Read More

1st Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #RGD #FBT #AGQ #CNIC

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Good morning! Today marks the inaugural post of Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post, a daily briefing on the key RNS releases from your favourite penny stocks. It has been clear that the posts gaining the most traction on the site are posts focusing on RNS analysis. The aim of the blog has always been to deliver value to readers and investors. Therefore, going forwards, every morning I will be writing about RNS releases focusing specifically on penny stocks (mcap up … Read More