First Donation of the Trading Adventure #WorldAutismAwarenessDay

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A fantastic first month for the blog, I am pleased to say the first month was profitable!! And as mentioned at the end of each month, I will be donating 10% of profits to a charitable cause. This month totals a very respectable £219 and when gift-aided makes a whopping £273.75 to be given to charity!! Not bad for a bit of part-time trading!

World Autism Awareness Day

As I sit down to write this post, it happens to be World Autism Awareness Day, so I thought it would be apt to donate my trading proceeds this month to Child Autism UK. Not only is it topical, but my younger brother suffers from autism, so it is a cause that has a personal connection too. Child Autism UK specialises in early intervention, working with families, schools and employers to assist with the personal and professional development of young people who have autism. 700,000 people in the UK suffer from autism. Autism is a lifelong condition with no cure but the difficulties people with autism face in life can be significantly managed through intervention at an early age. The work that Child Autism UK does is enormously beneficial, teaching these children skills and coping strategies that will go on to help them through to adulthood. It’s a fantastic cause and World Autism Awareness Day is really important for raising awareness for the condition.

You can follow this link to donate to Child Autism UK.

That’s a successful March over, now on to April – it’s already begun well with some profitable trades made. Subscribe and follow me on Twitter to get all the latest updates!

Happy Trading!

Trader Tim

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