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The third month in and we have another profitable month! This month was a bit of a close call, but the last few days paid off. It wasn’t a month for the profitable trade percentage – 77% of the trades closed this month lost money (out of 9 trades). However, two trades, Apple and Cloudtag, managed to balance the books. For May, we made a profit of £3246.04, which is pretty impressive given only 23% of trades were profitable. Also, this brings the total donated to charity since we started 3 months ago to over £1,000! Today is International Children’s Day. As a result, May’s donation of £405.75 (including gift aid) will be going to The Honeypot Children’s Charity.

International Children’s Day

In 1925, leaders and politicians came together at the World Conference for the Well Being of Children in Geneva. The conferences raised some of the biggest global issues affecting children during that period. After the conferences, governments agreed that there should be a day in the year allocated to raising awareness for the issues that affect children around the world. A number of nations decided on the date of 1 June and to this day International Children’s Day continues to be observed by many countries around the world.

Honeypot Children’s Charity

Naturally with it being International Children’s Day, I thought I would follow the theme and donate this month’s cash to a children’s charity. May’s donation will be going to the Honeypot Children’s Charity, who offer young carers and vulnerable children both respite breaks and outreach support. Located in the New Forest, they can offer children and carers alike a welcome retreat. After school on a Friday, they pick children up from school and travel to the Honeypot residence where carers receive time away from the stressful responsibilities they face at home and the children are can take part in planned weekend activities such as swimming, bike rides and all sorts of fun. The charity also offers a Honeypot Playbus, a specialised mobile play centre, which offers outreach support to children who have difficult backgrounds allowing them to play and socialise in a non-judgmental, safe and therapeutic environment. The Honeypot Children’s Charity is a really fantastic charity, one which I am very happy to donate May’s trading proceeds to!

You can follow this link to donate to The Honeypot Children’s Charity.

Now that a successful May over, now on to June, which could be a tricky month on the markets. Hopefully, we’ll have some money to donate to a fourth very deserving charity. You can read about the other causes supported in previous months here. Also, you can subscribe and follow me on Twitter to get all the latest updates straight to your inbox!

Happy Trading!

Trader Tim

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