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The second month into the blog and we have had a second profitable month! Naturally, that means 10% of those profits will be going to a charitable cause. This month amassed a very respectable £3092.70 in trading profits. Not bad for a bit of part-time trading! April raised a respectable £309.27 and when gift-aided makes a massive £386.60 to be given to a very worthy charity!

Deaf Awareness Week (2 May – 8 May)

Today is the first day of Deaf Awareness Week, which runs from 2 May – 8 May. A week in the calendar year where charities and organisations representing all areas of the deafness spectrum come together to raise awareness. It’s a fantastic initiative. As a result, April’s trading proceeds will go to SignHealth. SignHealth is a fantastic charity! SignHealth works to make sure that Deaf people receive the same standard of treatment and access to information as able hearing people. At present, generally Deaf people have a poorer general health due to the communication barriers that they face and SignHealth works with the NHS, clinics and health services to make them more accessible to Deaf people. They do fantastic work and Deaf Awareness Week is an important initiative for raising awareness and celebrating the work done by all the charities and organisations supporting this cause.

You can follow this link to donate to SignHealth.

That’s a successful April over, now on to May where hopefully we will be able to create some money to donate to a third very deserving charity. Subscribe and follow me on Twitter to get all the latest updates!

Happy Trading!

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