Why Am I Stopping Spread Betting?

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Sorry! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything here, though I did publish my first post in a series on Ethical Investing yesterday on 7Circles. Check it out! I am also writing a series for 7Circles on penny stock investing as well. If you subscribe, you will receive all the content I write either on here, 7Circles, ADVFN or anywhere else straight to your inbox! Stopping Spread Bets I’ve looked over my trading diary this evening and concluded … Read More

3 Things You Should Look For In Every Pennystock!

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Good morning! I hope you enjoyed listening to my interview with Paul Atherley of Berkeley Energia yesterday. Today, I wanted to write about the three things I look for in every pennystock. I have highlighted three essential things that all of my pennystock investment must have. If you follow these, it will almost certainly help you to become more successful trader and/or investor. Liquidity of a Pennystock Liquidity describes the degree to which stock can be quickly bought or sold … Read More

Open For Business – 6 New Trades

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Last week, I sent out a post about not having a trading system in place. This came from reviewing my trading diary and finding that the majority of my losses had come from spreadbets, which suggested that the trading opportunities identified were not paying off as I had perhaps hoped. As a result, I set up a three stock scanners on Stockopedia. A stock scanner allows you to screen stock based on a variety of financial and technical factors. The … Read More

Don’t Get Emotional Over Your Trading!

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I was looking over my trading diary this weekend and it occurred to me that all of my losses have come from spreadbets, and not holding shares directly. This might be coincidence, but I found it interesting. Naturally, when I buy shares, I am probably taking a longer view, which may suggest my spreadbetting is too impatient, impulsive or is using too much of a short-term outlook. The shorter the timeframe, the more likely you are to be wrong. Stockpicking … Read More

Donate to Support International Children’s Day

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The third month in and we have another profitable month! This month was a bit of a close call, but the last few days paid off. It wasn’t a month for the profitable trade percentage – 77% of the trades closed this month lost money (out of 9 trades). However, two trades, Apple and Cloudtag, managed to balance the books. For May, we made a profit of £3246.04, which is pretty impressive given only 23% of trades were profitable. Also, … Read More

Cut Your Losers and Let Your Winners Run

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This Month I hope everyone had a great bank holiday, I spent it in the sun and writing some blog updates. With it nearly the end of the month, I am writing up a post on May’s charitable donation, which will be sent out tomorrow. We raised £3,246.04 in May, which is a fantastic result. What’s more remarkable is that of the 9 trades closed in May only 23% were winning trades! Only 2 of the 9 trades closed were … Read More

Donate to Support Deaf Awareness Week

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The second month into the blog and we have had a second profitable month! Naturally, that means 10% of those profits will be going to a charitable cause. This month amassed a very respectable £3092.70 in trading profits. Not bad for a bit of part-time trading! April raised a respectable £309.27 and when gift-aided makes a massive £386.60 to be given to a very worthy charity! Deaf Awareness Week (2 May – 8 May) Today is the first day of … Read More

Cash is king – sell up and start again!

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Am I really selling all the shares I own? Yes, yes I am. Why? Well, let me explain. Bearish on the Summer As previous posts have indicated, I am pretty bearish about the forthcoming summer. We are heading into May, which calls for the market adage “Sell in May, come back St. Legers day” highlighting the notion that UK markets tend to underperform in the summer months. With the EU referendum approaching, you’d think that this is only going to … Read More

Blurred Lines: Trading or Investing

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Asiamet Resources (LSE: ARS) Asiamet Resources (LSE: ARS), the star performer I was ranting and raving about last week has had a chaotic few weeks to say the least! The week before last, it was riding a hype-driven wave of optimism, which was forcing the share price higher and higher. Everyone was anticipating the PEA or Preliminary Economic Assessment, which is an official study of an asset that the company owns to determine it’s production capacity, longevity and essentially its … Read More

The Market’s Uncertainty is My Gain #Brexit

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The Long and The Short Of It The FTSE is in limbo at the moment. It doesn’t know where to go. The trading opportunities have been plentiful. Going long, going short. Trading at its simplest. It shows the importance of trading as part of the money-maker’s armoury. The FTSE is in a bit of a rut, blue chip stocks have been stagnant over the past couple of weeks, we turn to spread betting which allows the prudent trader to make … Read More