3rd Apr: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #IDP #BOOM #SIS

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Apologies for the radio silence over that last month or so, my time has been taken up with finding a new job. Anyway, I am back now. Posts may still be somewhat intermittent, but I hope to get back close to normal service. It’s been a busy time on the markets. We’ve seen one-time tech hero CloudTag booted off AIM. I’ve done a fair bit of buying and selling myself, which I’ll update in my trading diary. The iWeb (my … Read More

5th Jan: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #KGLD #SIS #FUM

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Another dull morning of updates, unfortunately. It seems the market has decided to take an additional week of holiday. Clearly, people still suffering a food hangover from Christmas. I stumbled across this article on Twitter yesterday – apologies I can’t remember who tweeted it. It’s a really good read and reminder of the potential smallcap stocks, but at the same time correctly highlights how the volatile the ride can be. It looks at Amazon. Listed in 1997, which if you … Read More

29th Nov: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #NTOG #ARS #AAU #D4T4 #CRX #SIS #CRAW #ODX #ECR


Morning all! A great night last night. hosted by Asiamet and ECR Minerals. A really good evening talking to like-minded investors and, more importantly, it was equipped with pie and mash. Asiamet is looking as sturdy as ever. For a small cap, it really has plenty of options on the table. Obviously, it will take time for these opportunities to be realised. However, with a bit of patience, I think Asiamet is on the right track to something quite big. … Read More

22nd Sept: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MTR #PROX #SIS #SSY #TLOU #CLON

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Morning everybody! I hope everyone is well! I picked up a few more shares in TLOU yesterday, it had a rare down day, so some on my limit orders triggered. One thing I have noticed is when ordering by limit it orders is that the spread tends to be smaller. However, very happy to have picked up some more, so I have a decent position in TLOU now. I was hoping to pick up some PROX as well, however, with … Read More

30th Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CHAL #TLOU #SIS #SAT #PRES #DWHT

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Morning everybody! I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! It’s the first weekend I have had to enjoy the return of Premier League football having been away on holiday the past couple of weeks. I went off to White Hart Lane to watch the Spurs-Liverpool game – just a shame that Spurs forgot to turn up! A little rushed this morning, so it is minus a thorough proofread! Anyway on to some stocks… Challenger Acquisitions Market Cap: … Read More

3rd Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #KOOV #FBT #NCT #SIS #VENN

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Good morning all! There are no official results from any penny stocks on my list today, so today I’ll run through some of the key RNS items to come out this morning. Before that, I wanted to discuss Koovs. I’ve seen and read a lot of things about the company being massively overvalued, which personally I think it is. Naturally, investors are drawing comparisons between Koovs and ASOS due to the management and business. However, underwhelmed by Friday’s statement, I … Read More