17th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #XTR #JOG #MTR

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Today we’ll be looking at Metal Tiger and Jersey Oil and Gas. Xtract Resources But first, spare a thought for Xtract holders yesterday. The company undercut investors with a horrible placing. The company issues 10,156,398,001 new Ordinary Shares – that’s right, 10 billion! I literally spat my tea out when I read that, major dilution. These share were issued at a strike price 0.0185p – a discount of 63%! Ridiculous stuff. The shares were seemingly rallying – until the news … Read More

16th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #TLOU #88E #EGS

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A few updates this morning to cover – one from EGS and a couple from 88 Energy. I see Metal Tiger is picking up this morning where it left off yesterday, another 20% gain so far today. This doesn’t surprise me. We are still waiting to hear from MOD Resources about the “significant” update – but as per the RNS yesterday, they will be trading back on the market tomorrow unless they extend the halt. Penny Stock Portfolio This is … Read More

15th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #TLOU #MTR #BOOM #CYAN #EVRH


Not a huge amount on the news front this morning, so I thought to pad out the post, I will run through some stocks that are on my radar at the moment. I have also covered updates from Tlou Energy and Metal Tiger below. Cyan A company I have mentioned in my write ups. This company I think is really turning a corner, it’s very much a turnaround story. The company has a renewed focus on smart metering. It got … Read More

12th Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MTR #PXOG #NTOG #MLIN #HYR #FTC #IOG


It is 10 trading days until Christmas, which means we officially begin the ‘Santa Rally’ today. My aim this evening is to cover off some of the companies that were requested last week. Plus, potentially I want to look at Bos Global as their share price seems to be bobbing all over the place at the moment. For now, here’s the RNSes from today… Metal Tiger Market Cap: £10.4m Price: 1.6p Spread: 10% Metal Tiger is among the RNS releases … Read More

9th Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MTR #PROX #BJU #HZM #BOS #UPL #PIM #CNR


A quiet one this morning on the RNS front. An update on my holdings, Horizonte Minerals had a strong day yesterday. Jeremy Martins, CEO, was on the Vox Markets Podcast, which you can find here. He gave a succinct overview of the Horizonte story so far. The fundamentals are really beginning to shape up on this one. The technicals look decent too. The company broke through a key resistance level yesterday. Elsewhere, Anglo-Asian Mining was knocked back a bit yesterday. … Read More

30th Nov: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #ARS #AFPO #SND #KRS #JOG #WDC #MTR #AFC


A couple of updates from companies that I like to cover, albeit for different reasons. African Potash announced it will be listing on ISDX. The projected date is 8 December. This is the least of the companies problems. It is still without a NOMAD. The company has until 8 December to appoint one otherwise its shares will be suspended on AIM and ISDX. Asiamet Resources have released some Third Quarter results. I don’t really review resource stocks’ results. They rarely … Read More

28th Nov: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #TLOU #BKY #TLY #CTAG #ALO #VLG #MTR


Morning, morning, morning! It’s Monday – another week on the markets. A few interesting RNSes this morning, no results coming through on my screen though. The market is still a bit choppy for me. It doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to go up or down. The Brexit and Trump factors seem to be still lingering. We have clarity on the outcome, but there is still a whole lot of uncertainty. That said, I am hopeful this will subside … Read More

10th Oct: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #WDC #THAL #VLG #MYSQ #MTR

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Morning all! I hope everyone had a good weekend! No results this morning, but a few RNSes. A slightly different format today – I will just be bullet pointing. There are no RNSes with enough content to warrant decent analysis. WideCells have announced an update on their CellPlan offering. The final terms and conditions have now been agreed. CellPlan is the world’s first stem cell healthcare insurance plan and medical concierge service. The company listed this year, I am waiting … Read More

5th Oct: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #EVRH #AFPO #KRS #NLG #BOOM #MTR #CALL

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Morning all! Apologies – TFL prevent any Penny Stock Post from happening yesterday. First up, I’m not sure if Vox Markets are having more server issues or if it is just a quiet day on the RNS front. About 6 came through this morning, so a very light day indeed. As promised, I have totalled up the earnings from last month and it is good news. A quiet month of investing, only 3 trades made. However, 2 of these trades … Read More

22nd Sept: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MTR #PROX #SIS #SSY #TLOU #CLON

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Morning everybody! I hope everyone is well! I picked up a few more shares in TLOU yesterday, it had a rare down day, so some on my limit orders triggered. One thing I have noticed is when ordering by limit it orders is that the spread tends to be smaller. However, very happy to have picked up some more, so I have a decent position in TLOU now. I was hoping to pick up some PROX as well, however, with … Read More