10th Mar: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MATD #AST #ALBA #ARS

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Apologies – it’s been a fragmented week. I have been tied up with a few different things. Also, it been painfully quiet on the news front this week. Not much movement at all. However, there are a few RNSes out this morning which are of interest. Asiamet provide an update to the market regarding their drilling campaign to upgrade and expand the Mineral Resources at the BKM deposit. Results will be added to the ongoing Feasibility study. Alba provide a … Read More

11th Jan: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #HZM #AAU #VAL #PROX #MATD #TLOU


Apologies for the lack of posting over the last couple of days, the tube strike in London on Monday killed any chance of me writing something en route to work. On top of that, yesterday, I had to deal with some issues at work, so not a great start to the week – I’m back today though! A quick update on a couple of stocks here in the intro: Horizonte Minerals, which readers will know that I am bullish on, … Read More

14th Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MATD #BOOM #CNIC #MDZ #CRX #SYS #TPG #TIDE


A big hit taken by me yesterday on Proxama, which was compounded by Paysafe. The online payments company plummeted after a ‘research’ company published an article accusing the company of being caught up in illegal Chinese gambling – an episode reminiscent of Quindell! It goes to show even if you invest your cash in FTSE companies, you’re not exempt from the AIM-esque antics. The share price recovered throughout the day. Ironically, it dipped again when the company released an RNS … Read More