23rd Oct: Guess Who’s Back?!

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Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I posted. A ‘while’ is probably an understatement. I hope the market has been serving you well in my absence. I have had a change of working circumstances, which now make it more difficult to fulfil the obligation of daily blog posts specific to the morning news. Thank you for those that got in touch during this time. Nevertheless, I hope to start updating the blog more frequently going forward. I haven’t posted … Read More

17th Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #XTR #JOG #MTR

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Today we’ll be looking at Metal Tiger and Jersey Oil and Gas. Xtract Resources But first, spare a thought for Xtract holders yesterday. The company undercut investors with a horrible placing. The company issues 10,156,398,001 new Ordinary Shares – that’s right, 10 billion! I literally spat my tea out when I read that, major dilution. These share were issued at a strike price 0.0185p – a discount of 63%! Ridiculous stuff. The shares were seemingly rallying – until the news … Read More

30th Nov: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #ARS #AFPO #SND #KRS #JOG #WDC #MTR #AFC


A couple of updates from companies that I like to cover, albeit for different reasons. African Potash announced it will be listing on ISDX. The projected date is 8 December. This is the least of the companies problems. It is still without a NOMAD. The company has until 8 December to appoint one otherwise its shares will be suspended on AIM and ISDX. Asiamet Resources have released some Third Quarter results. I don’t really review resource stocks’ results. They rarely … Read More