Why Am I Stopping Spread Betting?

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Sorry! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything here, though I did publish my first post in a series on Ethical Investing yesterday on 7Circles. Check it out! I am also writing a series for 7Circles on penny stock investing as well. If you subscribe, you will receive all the content I write either on here, 7Circles, ADVFN or anywhere else straight to your inbox! Stopping Spread Bets I’ve looked over my trading diary this evening and concluded … Read More

Looking Back at June #Brexit

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Well, we say goodbye to June! This month has been the first month not to make a profit, unfortunately made a loss. I made a loss of £1801.04 this month. However, I am not too disappointed as I will come on to. You can’t win them all and, despite this loss, the blog amassed just £6,736 in just 4 months! You can check out the trading diary for more info. When trading, it’s important to keep this things in perspective. … Read More

Brexit Special: 3 Stocks to Buy Right Now – BKG, RMG, BKY

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Good News Apologies for the lack of posting recently, I have been busy with a number of things. Some good news! I have been speaking to a number of financial publications to try to expand the reach of the blog and have had some success. Trader Tim will now be featuring on the ADVFN newsletter and I will also be writing two fortnightly columns for 7 Circles – one on penny stock investing and one on ethical investing, which should … Read More

Where Will We Go From Here? #Brexit

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It’s been a few days since I posted, but a lot has happened. We’ve officially voted to leave the EU. The Prime Minister has announced his resignation. Scotland may have a second referendum on independence. Jeremy Corbyn looks uncertain to remain as leader of the Labour party. The country, which is the focal point of the world’s news, looks a shambles. At the moment, politics is in turmoil and with no leader to navigate us out of it – things … Read More

7 Types of Twitter Investor – Which One Are You?

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Good morning! Bit of light-hearted fun in the post this morning. I spent an hour or so trawling my Twitter feed yesterday, which is made up exclusively of investors. It made me wonder, which type of Twitter investor I am. I have listed 7 types of investors I regularly see pop up on my Twitter feed. The Emoji Fiend 🚀🚀🚀 A picture says a thousand words. Unfortunately, Twitter only allow 140 characters, this fervent investor will take to using emoji’s … Read More

Portfolio 2.0: First Investment Made

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Quick Trading Update A quick update on a couple of trades that closed yesterday before we jump in. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that both the Astrazeneca and Sports Direct trade that were open have now closed. Astrazeneca hit its stop-loss. The price rose to just above 4,100p after which it fell back down to close the day at 4,054 – a little frustrating. I closed the Sports Direct trade myself. I watched Mike Ashley … Read More

Donate to Support International Children’s Day

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The third month in and we have another profitable month! This month was a bit of a close call, but the last few days paid off. It wasn’t a month for the profitable trade percentage – 77% of the trades closed this month lost money (out of 9 trades). However, two trades, Apple and Cloudtag, managed to balance the books. For May, we made a profit of £3246.04, which is pretty impressive given only 23% of trades were profitable. Also, … Read More

Donate to Support Deaf Awareness Week

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The second month into the blog and we have had a second profitable month! Naturally, that means 10% of those profits will be going to a charitable cause. This month amassed a very respectable £3092.70 in trading profits. Not bad for a bit of part-time trading! April raised a respectable £309.27 and when gift-aided makes a massive £386.60 to be given to a very worthy charity! Deaf Awareness Week (2 May – 8 May) Today is the first day of … Read More

Cash is king – sell up and start again!

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Am I really selling all the shares I own? Yes, yes I am. Why? Well, let me explain. Bearish on the Summer As previous posts have indicated, I am pretty bearish about the forthcoming summer. We are heading into May, which calls for the market adage “Sell in May, come back St. Legers day” highlighting the notion that UK markets tend to underperform in the summer months. With the EU referendum approaching, you’d think that this is only going to … Read More