13th Mar: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #AFC #GEO #FBT

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I was completely stacked over the weekend, so didn’t have time to complete a Penny Stock Portfolio. That said, I am undecided on which stock to add next. I have my eye on a few, but they just aren’t at the right entry point at the moment. Thor is really bombing ahead for me at the moment. For those that have been out of the loop, I took a small, speculative position in Thor about two weeks ago now at … Read More

1st Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #TLOU #MOS #NAK #FBT #NLG #RLH #ITQ #OPEC


The first of December today, hopefully the beginning of a decent run for the stock market. Typically, December is the best calendar month for the stock market. Sentiment around Christmas obviously entices investors to part with their money creating a bubble of optimism. OPEC A strong day yesterday for the oil stocks. OPEC agreeing to its first oil cut since 2008 with Saudi Arabia stomaching a lot of the pain. Oil prices surged. Iran is allowed to boost production slightly … Read More

6th Sept: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #EVRH #FBT #G4M #CON #MOS

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Good morning everyone! More broadband problems, which is why this may be a little rushed! EVR Holdings Market Cap: £12.5m Price: 1.6p Spread: 9% Promising news from this emerging stock, EVR Holdings. The virtual reality content company has announced an agreement with Telefónica, the largest mobile communication provider in Germany. EVR Holdings currently are working on a Melody VR app, this allows Virtual Headset wearers to tap into the experiences available within the app. For example, experiencing music concerts from … Read More

3rd Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #KOOV #FBT #NCT #SIS #VENN

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Good morning all! There are no official results from any penny stocks on my list today, so today I’ll run through some of the key RNS items to come out this morning. Before that, I wanted to discuss Koovs. I’ve seen and read a lot of things about the company being massively overvalued, which personally I think it is. Naturally, investors are drawing comparisons between Koovs and ASOS due to the management and business. However, underwhelmed by Friday’s statement, I … Read More

1st Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #RGD #FBT #AGQ #CNIC

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Good morning! Today marks the inaugural post of Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post, a daily briefing on the key RNS releases from your favourite penny stocks. It has been clear that the posts gaining the most traction on the site are posts focusing on RNS analysis. The aim of the blog has always been to deliver value to readers and investors. Therefore, going forwards, every morning I will be writing about RNS releases focusing specifically on penny stocks (mcap up … Read More