15th Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #88E #BOOM #THAL #CNR #CNIC #PTY #TPG #REDT


I wrote a piece quite critical of Audioboom yesterday. For those that would like the other side of the story, you can listen to Rob Proctor on the Vox Markets Podcast here. A bizarre interview. My views remain unchanged on Audioboom. It is clear to be that the board are building a company for 5 years in the future. Spending heavily now, so they can produce big profits later. This is fine. It’s risky, but it is fine. I would … Read More

14th Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MATD #BOOM #CNIC #MDZ #CRX #SYS #TPG #TIDE


A big hit taken by me yesterday on Proxama, which was compounded by Paysafe. The online payments company plummeted after a ‘research’ company published an article accusing the company of being caught up in illegal Chinese gambling – an episode reminiscent of Quindell! It goes to show even if you invest your cash in FTSE companies, you’re not exempt from the AIM-esque antics. The share price recovered throughout the day. Ironically, it dipped again when the company released an RNS … Read More

7th Dec: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MTFB #AAZ #HZM #KMK #KOD #BHRD #CHOC #PURI #CNIC #CPX


Apologies – I couldn’t provide a post yesterday. Seats were in short supply on my bus yesterday, which mean I couldn’t write en route. Then, my day was crammed full of meetings. By the time I had a breath, the market had closed. A great day Anglo-Asian Mining (AAZ), one of my recent holdings – up around 18.5%. Here’s hoping it will carry on – very pleased with the quick start. This should be pushing 30p. A few companies are … Read More

7th Sept: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #STAR #CNIC #FUM #CTAG #PROX #AFPO

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Hello everybody! It’s been a crazy couple of week with stocks – CTAG, MOS, PROX and yesterday EVRH beginning to make a move. There have been some major movers. It’s amazing the impact Autumn has. The old saying ‘Sell in May, come back St. Leger’s day’. It may not quite be St. Leger’s day, but summer is certainly over and the kids are back to school. As a result, we welcome back the stock market and normal chaos has been … Read More

1st Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #RGD #FBT #AGQ #CNIC

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Good morning! Today marks the inaugural post of Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post, a daily briefing on the key RNS releases from your favourite penny stocks. It has been clear that the posts gaining the most traction on the site are posts focusing on RNS analysis. The aim of the blog has always been to deliver value to readers and investors. Therefore, going forwards, every morning I will be writing about RNS releases focusing specifically on penny stocks (mcap up … Read More