5th Oct: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #CTAG #EVRH #AFPO #KRS #NLG #BOOM #MTR #CALL

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Morning all! Apologies – TFL prevent any Penny Stock Post from happening yesterday. First up, I’m not sure if Vox Markets are having more server issues or if it is just a quiet day on the RNS front. About 6 came through this morning, so a very light day indeed. As promised, I have totalled up the earnings from last month and it is good news. A quiet month of investing, only 3 trades made. However, 2 of these trades … Read More

5th Aug: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #BOOM #WDC #BNR #CALL #AFC

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Good morning all! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, one more trading day to get through before that though! Not a huge amount on the RNS front today, however, Audioboom are doing their best to fill up the airwaves. Let’s take a look! Audioboom Market Cap: £12.7m Price: 2.625p Spread: 11.1% A raft of announcements from Audioboom this morning. The company is a leading audio on-demand platform, which allows users to listen to radio, podcasts and other … Read More