28th Apr: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #MTFB #PROX #ARS #HMI #TLOU #EVRH #TPOP #AVO #PET


A close to the week, I hope it has been good for you all. Penny Stock Portfolio The portfolio currently is returning a 3.8% gain as of last night assuming all holdings are equally weighted. The winners in there remain unchanged from last week – THAL, MTFB and SDX with Asiamet creeping up nicely. Petards has also had a good week. This company has some real potential, it reached all-time highs on Wednesday. The momentum indicators look very strong and … Read More

22nd Feb: Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post – #BOOM #KMK #AVO

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It seems to today will be another quiet day on the market. Yesterday was also quiet. I am going to be writing the post for my second addition to the Penny Stock Portfolio today. I added Horizonte Minerals last week, which is currently up about 10% already. Audioboom Market Cap: £18.22m Price: 2.625p Spread: 2.5% I picked up some Audioboom this morning. It’s a stock that I have been skeptical on in the past. I am still unsure about its … Read More