Hello, my name is Trader Tim. I live in London. I am an experienced investor and trader. I primarily trade in penny stocks. Aside from stocks and shares, I am a keen Tottenham fan and I also dabble with some computer programming.

I started life as an investor about 5 years ago. I always had an interest in the stock market. After dipping my toe in the water, my interest in stocks and shares didn’t decline, if anything it was greater than it was before. I loved researching stocks, reading articles and listening to podcasts. However, I became sick of stock recommendations – articles, emails and notifications from investment houses and brokers churning out suggestions that had no consequence to them whatsoever. I soon realised that most of these recommendations weren’t based on technicals, timing or fundamentals, but rather focused on filling column inches.

I have started this blog to provide detailed analysis on penny stock along with reasoned recommendations, so hopefully readers can learn from both my trading successes and failures. I record all my trades in my online trading diary to ensure transparency.

I write Trader Tim’s Penny Stock Post, a daily briefing on the key RNS releases from your favourite penny stocks. I write this because I think there is very little, serious analysis of penny stocks despite the major upside potential. Also, I run a Penny Stock Portfolio, a shortlist of penny stocks that I think offer long-term potential. Plus, 10% of profits will be donated to charity at the end of each month. See the charitable causes that have been supported so far!

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