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Morning all!

Apologies – TFL prevent any Penny Stock Post from happening yesterday.

First up, I’m not sure if Vox Markets are having more server issues or if it is just a quiet day on the RNS front. About 6 came through this morning, so a very light day indeed.

As promised, I have totalled up the earnings from last month and it is good news. A quiet month of investing, only 3 trades made. However, 2 of these trades returned a very healthy profit. EVRH yielded £6,214.74 and Cloudtag a respectable £1,080.71 – it could have been more if not for an ill-timed exit. African Potash was the remaining losing trade, which resulted in a £716.82 loss. Sum all that together and it gives us a record monthly profit of £6578.63. Impressive stuff!

Naturally, that means 10% of those profits will be going to a charitable cause. October has yielded a massive profit of £6578.63. Therefore, with Gift Aid, the amount donated to charity this month will be £821.25 – a really, really great result! That brings the total amount donated to charity since the blog began back in March 2016 to £2,121.25!

October marks ADHD Awareness Month, a month in the calendar year where charities and organisations representing ADHD come together to raise awareness. It’s a fantastic initiative.

As a result, October’s trading proceeds of £821.25 (including Gift Aid) will go to YoungMinds. YoungMinds work to support the needs of children and young people with ADHD. They also offer support and guidance to parents and professionals, who have or work with children with ADHD offering a free helpline as well as email support services. They do fantastic work and ADHD Awareness Month is an important initiative for raising awareness and supporting the needs of all people – people, professionals and parents – that are associated with ADHD. It also is important for raising the awareness of mental health in our society.

You can follow this link to donate to YoungMinds.


Market Cap: £22.4m
Price: 16.875p
Spread: 5%

Arria, a company that specialises in artificial intelligence and natural language generation, announced the private beta launch of a their new product of Articulator Lite. The product is a cloud-based toolkit that allows users to create content from data. Seems like an API to me, but the company is trying to explain avoid technical jargon.

They do have an API that allows developers to build Natural Language Generation applications. However, it seems this tool goes one further to simplify the building of applications. A-Lite is a toolkit that allows users who might not be specialist developers to build their own NLG applications using many of the key functionalities of Arria’s patented technology suite. This will allow users to generate content in a matter of hours.

A-Lite will be offered free while in private beta. A-Lite is expected to be fully released to the market in 2017 as a Software as a Service product, when a tiered pricing structure will be introduced.

The company are planning the release of a second product in 2017, Articulator Pro, a tool for professional software developers.

Up until now, real Natural Language Generation has been available only to enterprises who purchase large and expensive applications. Arria’s self-service NLG tools change all that, going beyond the simpler approaches of our competitors to bring real NLG capabilities to anyone who wants to automate content creation from data

Keras Resources

Market Cap: £8.4m
Price: 0.625p
Spread: 8.3%

Keras Resources it has completed the acquisition of the Klondyke Gold Project. With this, the company also receive the Right to Mine and Option to Purchase Agreement in the Pilbara region.

I have always like the look of this company. Investors I have spoken to have been pretty bullish about it. The share price has drifted quite a lot after some disappointing news. I have looked at it a couple of times in the past and thought it looks cheap, maybe I should get in. I never have. Only yesterday, I saw it another 7% down and thought maybe it’s worth jumping. Again, I resisted.
The news is significant for the company. This acquisition will be a key stepping stone in the company achieving its objective in becoming a major gold producer in Western Australia.

The completion of the Klondyke transaction is a significant milestone for the Company. The consolidation of the Warrawoona Greenstone Belt, through this transaction and the Haoma Right to Mine and Option to Purchase Agreement, has created the critical mass of mineralised lease area to underpin our intention to be to a stand-alone, owner-operated gold miner

Now acquired, drilling will commence immediately.

The total consideration for the acquisition will be £800,000. The balance will be paid via the issue of 100,000,000 ordinary shares with a strike price of 0.62p.

In addition to the abbove, the company has received financing support. The company has entered into a bridge funding facility with Riverfort Global Capital. The total amount available is £1.5 million with a maturity 6 months after the initial drawdown. This comes with 10% interest every 6 months. It also comes with a Implementation Fee of 5% and Commitment Fee of 5%. Seem a lot of fees in there to me.

However, during the period before the maturity the Investors may elect to convert such principal amount of the loan outstanding at a 20% premium to the Keras closing share price on the date of drawdown. It may be that these fees never really materialise.

Seems an important development for the company. The share price remains unmoved, which to me is a little surprising.


CloudCall will receive a £1.57 million tax rebate following the £3.77 million placing issued 5 August. Due to VCT/EIS status, HMRC has confirmed the company qualifies for tax relief. The proceeds will be used for new product development, including the launch of a new messaging products, based around SMS and instant messaging technologies.

Audioboom has announced that it has received an exercise notice in respect of an option to subscribe for 88,835 ordinary shares at a price of 1.5p.

Metal Tiger has appointed VSA Capital as Financial Adviser and Broker to secure project level financing in respect of the Company’s Thai interests. As well as strategic funding, VSA will be tasked with exploring potential IPO, reverse takeover or joint venture agreements.

If there are companies that you want me to cover in coming days or have significant news due imminently then let me know. My aim is to deliver value to readers, so I want to ensure I’m doing this as much as I can.

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