23rd Oct: Guess Who’s Back?!

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Hello everybody!

It’s been a while since I posted. A ‘while’ is probably an understatement. I hope the market has been serving you well in my absence. I have had a change of working circumstances, which now make it more difficult to fulfil the obligation of daily blog posts specific to the morning news. Thank you for those that got in touch during this time.

Nevertheless, I hope to start updating the blog more frequently going forward. I haven’t posted at in the last 5 months. This will now change. While I am unlikely to update the blog daily like I once did, I am aiming to post something roughly once a week – stay tuned!

The posts will be relevant to the stock market, but will likely be a bit broader than the Penny Stock Post series. It may focus on macro trends, larger stocks, but there will also be a decent amount of content on penny stocks as well! Also, I hope to be more active on my Twitter and to try and create more discussion where I can. In line with this, if there is anything specifically that you’d like me, please get in touch and I’ll try my best to tackle the stock or subject the best that I can.

In terms of stocks, I am holding I haven’t changed too much around. I’ve been riding high on the recent gains in ARS, which I still have a large holding. I’ve bought a chunk of American Tech stocks, Facebook and Amazon – partly for diversification, partly for growth potential. I’ll probably look at this in a separate post. Gear4Music is serving me well. I made a big loss on Jersey O&G. And my blue chips like Berkeley Holdings are doing very well while paying a pretty dividend.

Anyway – this is all for now. I’ll try and update the site to be a little less neglected in the coming weeks.

A very brief update, but with plenty more updates to come!

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If there are companies that you want me to cover in the coming days or have significant news due imminently then let me know. My aim is to deliver value to readers, so I want to ensure I’m doing this as much as I can.

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